Introduction of gasoline generator

Introduction of gasoline generator

As a factory specializing in the production of gasoline generators and diesel generators. ——–Powersum machine .

We have an obligation and responsibility to make these products known to the general public.

In this way, consumers can better choose the right products, suitable for their own products.

It is not that when choosing products and styles, you do not have your own opinions and do not know how to choose.

Today our company mainly talks about some knowledge about gasoline generator sets.

As the name suggests, a gasoline generator set is a machine that uses gasoline to generate electricity.

When we choose a gasoline generator, we must first know the selected voltage, frequency, power, etc. This is the most basic.

These requirements are different in each country, and we need to understand before purchasing to choose the correct style and model of gasoline generators.

Then we can choose further according to our requirements. For example, the environment, the place, the size of the noise, the size, the weight, and whether it is convenient to carry. These are all things we need to consider clearly. Make a request to the manufacturer.

Our Powersum machine is a manufacturer of customized generator sets according to customers’ requirements. The main push is the customized high-end series.

  1. Outdoor use of gasoline generator sets
  2. Gasoline generators should be installed in a dry and dust-free place;
  3. In order to avoid direct sunlight, the gasoline generator should be placed in a cool environment;
  4. The generator should be placed on a flat ground to prevent the unit from moving. For safe operation, please place the generator firmly on the ground and fasten the wheels with wheels.
  5. Indoor use
  6. Please use it in a well-ventilated place, discharge the exhaust gas to the outside, and keep it away from the air inlet of the building, and ensure that the air can circulate when the generator is running;
  7. The air inlet and outlet and exhaust gas outlet should be 1.5 meters away from any obstacles;
  8. Please use the temperature below 40 degrees (the water cooling unit is below 50 degrees);
  9. The generator should be installed on a stable level.

Safety measures to be taken when using gasoline generators:

  1. Occasion of use: The gasoline generator should be installed outdoors or in a well-ventilated place in the engine room. It should not be close to doors, windows and vents to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the room.
  2. Storage and use of fuel oil: The generator fuel oil should be stored in a special warehouse. The equipment in the warehouse must comply with the regulations of the fire department. The type of fuel used should be consistent with the requirements on the generator operation manual or label.
  3. Generator line connection: The standard of the outdoor line must be able to meet the needs of the electrical load used. When using an extended wire, it must be recognized that the insulation between it and the ground is good.

After selecting a suitable gasoline generator set, let’s briefly talk about the construction guide and maintenance instructions of the gasoline generator.

Before we use gasoline generators, we must check the generator set.

Observe whether the parts are loose or damaged, and whether the oil leaks.

Or is there any other situation that affects the use of gasoline generator sets.

If there is a problem, we need to replace and repair the parts in time.

For long-term use, we also need to remove the dirt around the generator, muffler, and starter. The gasoline generator set moved nervously and turned over when it was running.

Check the manual for the function of each button.

Next, we can start the gasoline generator set.

Correct steps are the greatest guarantee to ensure the safe operation of gasoline generator sets.

Step 1: Add the engine oil.

Whether it is a two-stroke generator or a four-stroke generator, oil must be added. The two-stroke generator is mixed with oil, that is, oil and gasoline are in one fuel tank. There are 2 points in the selection of oil. The first is to choose a two-stroke or a four-stroke, and the second is to choose whether antifreeze is required. When adding oil, it must be appropriate, not the more the better.

Usually add oil, there is a dipstick. When adding oil, we can wipe the oil dipstick and check the position of the oil. The most suitable position is in the middle of the lowest and highest bits. 5kw is about 1.1L of oil.

Step 2: Add fuel to the gasoline generator set.

Gasoline generally chooses gasoline above No. 90, which can be used universally and can be bought by ordinary customers at gas stations. Please use high-quality gasoline (clean, unleaded, fresh gasoline) and add at least 30% of the tank volume. Wipe up the spilled gasoline in time after filling with gasoline.

Filling gasoline should not exceed the highest scale line, leaving room for gasoline to evaporate.

It is forbidden to refuel during use or when the temperature is high after use. Mixed fuels cannot be used.

Step 3: If it is an electric-start gasoline generator, you need to connect the positive and negative lines of the battery line first. The electric-start is more convenient. If you are worried that the machine will not start well, especially in cold winter, you can consider buying Electric start generator, easy to operate! (You can ignore this step when starting the machine by hand).

Step 4: If the generator wants to turn on, first turn off the power switch, turn on the throttle switch, turn off the circuit breaker, and turn on the fuel switch. It must be turned on, otherwise the generator will not start. When starting the gasoline generator, turn off the connected electrical appliances first, otherwise it will be difficult to start the gasoline generator, and it can be connected after starting.

Step 5: Start the machine. When starting the machine by hand, first pull the rope until there is resistance, and then quickly use it to pull. 2-3 times in a row. (Electric start gasoline generator, start directly by key).

After the new generator or the sealed generator has been milled (the first 5 hours), the following protection operations shall be carried out:

Clean or replace the air filter

Replace engine lubricating oil

Replace or clean the filter element of the lubricating oil filter

Re-tighten each part of the bolts and nuts

The new generator should try to add load or work suddenly, and use the lubricating oil used by the manufacturer as much as possible. Do not mix the lubricating oils of different brands. There are additives in the lubricating oil. After mixing the lubricating oils of different brands, the lubricating performance will be reduced, resulting in movement. Abnormal wear of components.

When filling fuel into the fuel tank, there should be a filter at the fuel filling port and a filter cloth; the fuel should be left in the fuel tank for more than 24 hours to allow water and impurities to deposit before use; usually, the drain plug of the daily fuel tank should be opened frequently to discharge Water and sediment at the bottom.

Regular maintenance and planned maintenance are the key to extending the service life of the engine. The maintenance cycle and maintenance items should be adjusted appropriately according to the application, operating conditions and the properties of the fuel and lubricating oil. Complete regular maintenance and protection.

Generating sets are often of great value, and should be used rationally, pay attention to daily protection, anticipate early wear and tear, extend their service life, and keep them in good standby condition for startup and investment, so as to truly make the best use of everything.

Product maintenance: 1. Regularly clean or replace the air filter and replace the engine lubricating oil.

  1. When filling fuel into the fuel tank, there should be a filter at the fuel filling port, and it is better to put a filter cloth; the fuel should be left in the fuel tank for more than 24 hours to allow water and impurities to settle before use; the daily fuel tank should be opened frequently. Drain plug drains water and sediment from the bottom.
  2. Try to avoid sudden increase of load or high-speed operation of the generator. Do not mix different grades of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil contains various additives. After mixing, the lubricating performance of different grades of lubricating oil will decrease, resulting in abnormal wear of moving parts.​ ​ ​
  3. After the gasoline engine runs for 100-300 hours, the carbon deposits should be removed once. When cleaning, remove the cylinder head and remove the carbon deposits on the cylinder, cylinder head, piston, valve, etc. Carbon deposits must not enter the cylinder bore and valve seat.

Product maintenance: 1. If the generator is not used for a long time (more than one month), the starting battery will lose power due to self-discharge. Please use an external charger to charge the battery. 2. Check that there is enough gasoline in the fuel tank. 3. Check the oil circuit switch and oil pipeline for oil leakage.

  1. Check whether the voltage of the starting battery is above 12V, and observe whether the appearance of the battery is damaged and leaking. 5. Observe the oil quality to determine whether it needs to be replaced. 6. Check that the oil level is between the grids of the oil dipstick.

The above are the main points that need to be paid attention to in general operation and maintenance.

If you have any questions, you can also contact our professional guidance.

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